Zao Makeup was intrigued to hear that our black nail polishes were much needed for patients following chemotherapy, in order to protect nails from UV damage that occurs post-treatment.

It was exciting to learn that we could really make a difference to these patients’ lives, as makeup and nail polishes are generally seen as frivolous and fun. In this case, our nail polishes are anything but.

Chemogiftbags is an amazing charity that is built on the personal experience of its volunteers who themselves have undergone chemotherapy, and so every item in their gift bag is chosen wisely and thoughtfully. Our nail polishes are ’10 free’, meaning that they are free of 10 known toxicants traditionally found in nail polish and are therefore a perfect fit given the intended recipients’ health histories.

We are delighted to partner with such a worthwhile charity and are truly honoured to be able to help such a fantastic and much-needed initiative to help people navigate their lives post-chemotherapy.

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Chemogiftbags Zao