presents “Tropical Paradise”, the 2017 summer collection, inspired by
the colours and ambiences of the deep and mysterious jungle of Costa Rica.

For a
light or sophisticated appearance, discover a selection of 3 eye shadows
for an intense and bright look and 3
trendy nail polishes for perfect hands this summer. Easy
to wear and easy to use, these new products enhance the beauty of women while
respecting both their health and nature.

Rica is the pioneer of environmental protection,
with its dense primary forests, immaculate beaches, rich wildlife and exuberant
flora. One quarter of its territory is classified as national parks or nature
reserves. Zao has found its paradise!

The spirit of the country and its
systems reflect this earthly paradise. Costa
Rica is a state of peace. For over 65 years, this small
Central American country has become the first nation in the world to have
constitutionally suppressed its army.

In the country of “zenitude”,
national motto is “Pura
Vida” which is the symbol of a
simple but happy philosophy of life: to enjoy its time on earth, taking
advantage of good fortunes (encounters, discoveries, pleasures ), while
maintaining a spirit of perseverance in the face of possible adversity.

Then « Pura vida » to all!

Zao Tropical Paradise Summer 2017 Collection Zao

Zao Tropical Paradise Summer 2017 Collection Zao